Electrolysis can help:

Teenagers – Due to puberty, hormonal developement causing physical changes.
Teen Girls – Superfluous hair: upper lip, eyebrows, sides of face.
Teen Boys – Thick bulky eyebrows & uni-brow

Dark and olive skin – improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation due to hypertrophy (raised bumps) and folliculitis (ingrown hair).

Men – Unsightly ear (Tragi) hair, excessive facial, neck, & back hair.

Women- Excessive facial & body hair growth (hirsutism).
 Fine blonde, red, brown, black & grey (vellus) hair /coarse blonde, red, brown, black, & grey hair.

Electrolysis works on all skin color and hair color types. Electrolysis safely removes ingrown (folliculitis) hairs. Electrolysis works on all face and body areas.

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